19th June 2018


Head held high and shoulders back she breezed past me, my eyes turned to follow taking my whole body with them. Her steps were so light and delicate it was as though she was walking through thin air and it took no effort at all. Although she had slight haughty look about her everyone saw her as a princess and could not look away.

smell in kitchen- tantalizing

Rolling over, I extend my body, in a weak attempt to get closer to the inviting scent that awakened me. Inhaling deeply I feel the sweet smell wash over me and immediately am more alert. My brain urges me to get up and investigate the cause of the smell but my body is still asleep and not wanting to be disturbed. Lying there, I feel trapped, this sweet, sweet smell keeps teasing and taunting me as it washes through my room, my body is still weighing me down and not cooperating with my brain. The scent is just too tempting, I decide to unsettle my body and find out what is causing my morning to be so disturbed.

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