Head held high and shoulders back she breezed past me, my eyes turned to follow taking my whole body with them. Her steps were so light and delicate it was as though she was walking through thin air and it took no effort at all. Although she had slight haughty look about her everyone saw […]

sea cold morning people footpath signs pink sweet light big people clean bright ice cream ice cream flavours pastel colours- pink yellow green normal ice cream size, sitting in the ice-cream holder, waffle cone, dripping, Wrapping your jumper tightly around your body, you continue walking along the footpath, smiling slightly at the people passing by. […]

Is love an invention created by humans? Love, in my opinion, is not an invention. Love is an emotion that happens because you feel strongly towards something or someone. Emotions are not invented, but they are created, the creation of emotions is caused by hormones and chemical reactions that are sent to the brain. The […]

“These violent delights have violent ends, And in their triumph die like fire and powder, Which as they kiss consume.” – Friar Lawrence When saying “These violent delights have violent ends…” Friar Lawrence is saying that the passionate happiness earned from the love will end in disastrously.                 […]

“Is a white piece of paper more blank than a black sheet of paper?” Yes, I believe a white piece of paper is more blank then a black piece of paper. Black paper will take more dye than a white piece would, therefore it is technically not blank. Since no one has added anything on […]

“If I am being kind to you but you think I’m being horrible, am I being kind or not?” Yes, you are being kind. If you believe that you are being kind and what you said had no hatred behind it then you are not being horrible. The other person can interpret it as being […]

“… they stumble that run fast.” This applies to Romeo and Juliet’s in the way that they run head first into a relationship. They take no time to slow down and get to know each other, instead within the first 24 hours of meeting they decide to get married. This, by no means, is not […]

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